February 10th 2014 Update!

Tirro a posted Aug 8, 13
For those visiting our website for the first time, I'd like to be very upfront that we are a Christian / Family Friendly guild on the Fort Aspenwood server in Guild Wars 2.  We accept Christians and Non-Christians alike. Please read the Core Rules page to see the few rules that we enforce in our community.

Our main focus is to invest in the people in our guild.  We like to get to know who you are, know you on a first name basis, share problems and triumphs.  We strive to build a close knit community not a bloated guild where you are a number on the roster.

Testimonies and Scripture will be shared in game and in our facebook group.  We are not shy about sharing our faith in Jesus Christ, however we are also not going to ram Christ down your throat until you conform or leave!

Our interests are all over the game and in every aspect of it.  Many like to explore, run dungeons and fractals, and participate in WvW.  We have Guild Bounty, Guild Trek, Guild Challenge, and Guild Rush unlocked.

We accept anyone from any background, casual / hardcore, any timezone, any in game interest!  We currently have 90+ members and we are always looking to expand.  Around 25 - 30 of those are regular players, with the latter half being super casual

  We have players from the U.S. , Canada, Austrailia and Turkey so don't be shy if you live somewhere besides the U.S.!

If this sounds like your kind of guild then send in game mail to Solitude (Adonai.4230) or Sparro (Sparro.2380) and ask for an invite into our guild!

Our Facebook Group

You can join our Facebook Group by searching for people and then searching for Salt Guild Wars.  We use this group to communicate about upcoming events, stay in touch, and get to know each other outside of the game as well.  

This website is just a recruiting platform we do not use it communicate events or updates.

I check my Salt account once a week on random days, so if it takes a few days for the invite into our group please forgive me!