November 11th Update

Tirro a posted Nov 11, 14
For those visiting our website for the first time, I'd like to be very upfront that we are both a Christian and a Family Friendly guild.

We currently operate on the Fort Aspenwood server in Guild Wars 2 and on the Inoch server - Nuian Faction in Arche Age

We accept Christians and Non-Christians alike, all are welcome. Please read the Core Rules page to see the few rules that we enforce in our community. Just be aware that there will be discussions of Jesus Christ, the bible, salvation, and scripture openly in chat, team speak, and in our face book group at any given time

Our goal is to build a close knit community where everyone knows your name (insert Cheers theme song here) not a bloated guild where you are a number on the roster. We enjoy sharing real life problems and triumphs, talking about life, and we are involved in all facets of the games we play - PvE, PvP, or WvW.

We are currently less of an Evangelical group and more of a close knit safe haven that seeks to grow on our journey with Christ with one another.

We accept anyone from any background, casual / hardcore, any timezone, any in game interest! We have players from the U.S. , Canada, Austrailia and Turkey so don't be shy if you live somewhere besides the U.S.!

If this sounds like your kind of guild then send in game mail or whispers to Lady Cateline, Vasshti, or Sparro for the Guild Wars 2 guild

For ArcheAge send in game mail or whispers to Xadoemice, Kaishang, Valencea

Our Facebook Group

Our Guild Wars 2 Facebook Page is located here:

Our Salt of the Earth Facebook group (This is our main form of communication) is here: 

This website is just a recruiting platform we do not use it communicate events or updates.