New Website!

Tirro a posted Aug 25, 15

***Extra Extra: Read all about it! Welcome to our new website!!***

You may have noticed that our beloved Facebook group and public page have gotten a bit of a face lift in their images; they aren't the only ones. We have given a fresh look and functionality to our guild website as well, welcome to the new look of Salt: (While we do have a new domain name, there should be a transfer service from the old domain name if you forget) Thanks to the amazing talents of one of our [Salt] members, xjoh (aka Havaldan, aka Josh). We now have an amazing new website with great new features. The one I am most excited about is our new forum page! A lot of our members don’t have Facebook and I am bummed that I don’t get to fellowship with them outside of the game, it’s a great way to build friendships and get to know each other. It’s my hope that the new forum will allow for some out-of-game fellowship and communication for those that don’t have Facebook. There are tons of different forum categories for all sorts of conversations (of which my favorite is: A Salty Cookbook). It’s going to be a great tool for our guild as we build community in and out of the game! We will still be using our Facebook page and group but I hope you will all consider taking part in our awesome new forums as well. If you see xjoh online at any point make sure to give him a special thank you for all the work he did making our website not only look amazing, but function so well for our close-knit community! We have been abundantly blessed by our Lord and Savior; thank you Lord for all you do for us!

God Bless you all.

(p.s. find the forums under the community tab and there is a place to sign in and/or register for forum use)